Publication In the first issue of the Greek-Indian Economic Forum

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It has been a Herculean project for Greece to stand up on its feet after such an almost 10 years of eternal sacrifice within the boundaries of fiscal consolidation, huge / unparalleled recession in peace times and a painful steep road to undergo all structural inefficiencies that the country was suffering for so long.

While in 2019, it seemed that finally Greece would gain its place again, even after many years of losing momentum towards its European peers, the “sum of all fears” hit us hard, harder than ever, in the form of mankind’s worst nightmare for more than a century, after the Spanish flue in 1918.

But this time, the ‘Pandora’s Box” was much more comforting that the last package which was delivered to us by the ‘TROICA” (ECB+IMF+EU) back in 2010: This was actually a HUGE GIFT, which will probably shake the odds up to the benefit of Greece, in such a way that it has never encountered so far, for almost 70 years.

EU Recovery Fund, set up to mitigate the losses of the pan-European pandemic, purports more than 35 billion of funds + grants to be conveyed in Greece within a very narrow period of time, from 2021- 2026. Additionally to that, banking leverage and private equity will sky rocket the total existing amounts to almost half of the annual GDP of Greece, (almost 80 billion euros!).

All investors around the world are practically thrilled with the options to exploit such an opportunity that never appears more than once in a life time. And this doesn’t only apply to bonds, equities, and other intangible assets, but also real estate, wonderful luxury hotels as well as one of the most important and cheap under-valued assets of the country, which is the underdeveloped (zero valued) rural land. A land which could provide unique ROE, to agricultural enterprises, in a period where mammoth investors like Bill Gates are amassing land for cultivation, viewing a “super cycle” for food prices within the next few years.

What can KFG do for Foreign Investors?

KYROS FINANCIAL GROUP is a part of a number of companies incorporating legal, Tax, Financial Services and Investors Protection. ( gr, Kyros Financial Group,, Kyros law Offices, Hellenic Investors Association).

The uniqueness in such a combination lays to the complexities of the Greek bureaucracy where all of the above capacities, integral knowledge of the system, the law, taxation, etc, and most of all the need to proactively protect the vested interests of shareholders in enlisted companies, makes the team of KYROS GROUP a high caliber entrusted associate that will cater with tenacity and extreme professionalism all that a sophisticated investor would need.

As regards to entering the Greek Capital and Money Markets, we are very proud of our excellent – veteran associates, who have 30 and more years of experience in highly sophisticated equity and bond transactions, with a “keen eye” and acuteness to take sharp decisions, making our clients to be proud for their performance (and our competitors to envy us for our strategy!).

We are situated at the very epicenter of Athens “CITY” at “arms length” to all Decision Making Pillars.

NEW KYROS FINANCIAL GROUP is a company providing financial advice and brokering to invest in all types of property (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate etc.) for Greek and foreign individuals and institutional investors (and through Golden Visa). The Group includes KYROS LAW OFFICES (Law Firm with Specialization and Awards in Capital Market Law), and the HELLENIC INVESTORS ASSOCIATION.


By John Kyriakopoulos
President – CEO,
New Kyros Finance Group

Kyros Financial Group